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Please, keep your pets out of the hotel area.

Hotel LIONS capacity is 107 rooms with total  accommodation
270 beds.

Fopllowing kinds of rooms are available for you:

  • 1  x V.I.P. apartment
  • 1  x conference apartment
  • 1  x three-bed-apartment
  • 4  x four-bed-apartments
  • 1  x single room
  • 56 x double rooms
  • 40 x three-bed-rooms
  • 2 x four-bed-rooms
  • 1  x easy-access-double room


Each room is equipped with a cosy bathroom and a shower cabinet. You can get in contact to internet via Wi-Fi all around the hotel. There is a night club to have a fun time all day and night as well as all needed information ready for you.