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Wedding receptions and celebrations

Wedding receptions and celebrations

„ A family celebration or a wedding reception like a fairytale „


Dear Lady,lion

Dear Sir,

allow me to briefly introduce our hotel Hotel LIONS – Training centre Nesuchyně, s.r.o.

We have started our gastronomic activity specialized to firm actions, congresses and training. We are however also right destined for you to offer organising wedding receptions, family celebrations or any other jubilees in our romantic area.

There is hardly any comparable site where you could feel like in a home background having enough space for the whole your family.

Hotel LIONS Nesuchyně was built as a rustic-style house the silhouette of which is reflected on the level of the lake in the middle of the premises.

There is also a little romantic isle in the middle of the lake connected with two wooden bridges. It is also a grass carpet extending in the core of our cosy romantic facility will splendidly  enrich pleasant time spent at our hotel.

Looking at beautiful wedding photos taken at our hotel will make you remember these unique life moments.

We are experienced specialists in gastronomy and hotel industry and you will certainly retroactively appreciate „Your fairy tale celebration or wedding reception“ organized at our hotel.

This is guaranteed by our great cooking made up to satisfy very demanding culinary claims for both home and international specialities.


More original and better

Our team is focused on original access to each firm action, celebration, wedding reception or any other gastronomic  events organized in our hotel.



Pricing philosophy is very simple. We don´t want to set and publicize prices or action offers for our services..

We are sure we are not more expensive than our competitors, we are, unlike them, more focused on quality.

Though our prices are not more advantageous than those of our competition, we always offer extra services.

Price is always based on your request and on number of guests and services to be used.

Our chef will compose the menu according to your wish at your personal visit of our hotel.


Accommodation and various offer of services at the Hotel LIONS – Nesuchyně

Our hotel certainly offers convenient and pleasant accommodation for your guests.

Our accomodation capacity is 234 beds.
There are various kinds of rooms here which are described in details on our websites:

A newly married couple will be given a gift in form of the wedding night in our wedding room.

We reserve the right to make a price right for you for your individual wedding reception, celebration or any other gastronomic event.

Sports, fun and relaxing facilities of our hotel are recommended.

  • badminton hall
  • squash
  • volleyball
  • beach volleyball
  • bowling
  • darts
  • billiards
  • funny castle for children
  • steam bath  
  • whirlpool
  • massage studio
  • relaxing baths and treatments
  • indoor swimming pool with counter current /5×10m/
  • design lake


Why just at our hotel

  • broad gastronomic programme
  • romantic atmosphere around the whole hotel area
  • draughts made up at your inquiry and ideas
  • our moral code is based on having respect for our clients


We shall be very pleased by your potential interest and we are looking forward to meeting you at our  Hotel   LIONS – Nesuchyně.


Sincerely and in respect.


 Daniel Křováček                                                                                                                        Radim Pazdera
 Business Director of LIONS HOTELS                                                                              Hotel Director

and  the staff of Hotel LIONS - Nesuchyně.