Firm actions

Dear business partners, those present and also those, who are going to become our partners.

We are ready to offer you very interesting and exclusive  for your firm actions.
Hotelu LIONS premises with its training centre Nesuchyně  is ready to offer its rooms for training

  • presentations
  • firm celebrations
  • team building
  • jubilee celebrations
  • Christmas and New Year´s Eve parties

Our services cover following accommodation facilities


  • Hotel capacity is 107 rooms with total 270 beds

Rooms :

  • 1 x V.I.P. apartment
  • 1 x conference apartment
  • 1 x three-bed-apartment
  • 4 x four-bed apartments
  • 1 x single room
  • 56 x double rooms
  • 40 x three-bed-rooms
  • 2 x four-bed-rooms
  • 1 x easy-access double room


Given prices include VAT






160,-CZK/ person




main dishes 

choice from three variants















main dishes 

choice from three variants









We recommend:

In form of a luxurious banquet      

Pricing at client´s individual request

  • choice of starters, salads, more sorts of meat, frish fruit, sweet desserts, leg of pork cut right at the banquet before your eyes, garnish, choice of baked goods, traditional optional extras
  • Banquet price covers a midnight goulash soup with baked goods.
  • Our menu a la carte is the option for smaller groups.

Coffee break: coffee, tea, mineral water, canapés, fruit, cakes and pastries


Price for coffee break


both for morning and afternoon coffee break í 


is   120,-CZK /person


Meeting rooms:

  • Price for using meeting rooms – conference charge for one day  amounts to 100CZK/ person
  • Above price does not cover VAT

Hotel LIONS´s  training sectors:
“Main hall within the area core”

  • with  300 seats, in addition there are round tables available

“Colosseum sector”

  • Classroom K1. with  80 seats
  • Classroom K2. with 120 seats
  • Classroom K3. with 50 seats
  • Classroom K4. with  170 seats

“Training sector 500.”

  • Classroom B. with  18 seats
  • Classroom C. with 25 seats
  • Classroom D. with 55 seats

“Training sector 400.”

  • Classroom XL. with 110 seats

“Training sector – main part”

  • Classroom A. with 50 seats
  • Classroom “Conference apartment” with 17 seats and study
  • Lounge  “Winter garden” with 38 seats

Classrooms are furnished on the base of individual request

Below given prices does not cover VAT

dubbing with microphones

fixed charge/day



fixed charge/day


projection screen

fixed charge/day


fllipchart incl. paper

fixed charge/day


TV set

fixed charge/day



Office set


copy A4    1 pc.




Hot novelty of Hotel LIONS  ” Hall ”
Right in the core of the Hotel LIONS we have built a spacious and all the same very cosy hall for you to provide for all your requests in the field of training, sessions or conferences.

The hall is fitted with wifi signal and comfortable furniture and you will at your individual request be given any kinds of equipment / flippcharts, projection screen, dataprojector /, available at our hotel.

The hall also covers its own comfortable night club with large round tables for up to 9 people and with a dance floor.

These options of our hall are designed for any other use, such as:

  • ceremonial firm dinners for a great number of participants / 150 – 200 people /
  • wedding receptions
  • celebration varieties
  • Dancing parties, discos

The hall offers and guarantees private atmosphere and not disturbed fun.

  • Price for one day´s hire amounts to  20.000,-CZK.
  • Above price does not include VAT


Accompanying programmes

  • Use of  the V.I.P.-lounge and the period wine restaurant of the Hotel LIONS
  • At the request we provide for wine presentations including tasting of Moravian wines,
  • plentifully offered in our wine assortment.
  • There is always a wine grower at the presentation, who will certainly attract your attention talking abou wine.
  • Interesting sorts of cheese are served to wine.
  • Price for presentation is 2000,-CZK plus actual consumption of wine.
  • Above prices cover VAT

It is an interesting common outdoor activity, causing sportsmanship and pulling your group together. These activities are as follows:

  • walking on stilts
  • jumping in sacks
  • tug of war
  • knocking tins off with balls
  • airgun shooting

Price for organizing this OLYMPIC GAMES, including all conveniences amounts to 7000,-CZK.
/ each event may be performed individually, according to your choice /
Above price covers VAT

  • musical program option
  • conjuring trick performance at your request


We are ready to answer all your questions on our e-mail address: 


We shall be very pleased by your potential interest and we are looking forward to meeting you at our  Hotel   LIONS – Nesuchyně.


Sincerely and in respect.


 Daniel Křováček                                                                                                                        Radim Pazdera
 Business Director of LIONS HOTELS                                                                              Hotel Director

and  the staff of Hotel LIONS - Nesuchyně.